May 25, 2016

Bob Dylan's become of age!!!

Can you believe it?

Bob Dylan just turned 75!

He has celebrated his birthday, but he has done it on  stage:  The never ending tour

Bobby Zimmerman was born in North country, that is in Duluth Minnesota.  He changed his last name to Dylan to honour Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.

Like a Rolling Stone was the turnning point not only in his career but in modern music.  When on stage he changed his acoustic guitar for his stratocaster guitar the music world tumbledown.  Here you can watch the electrical controversy at the Royal Albert Hall in London. It was 1965.

Would you like to know more about Bob Dyland, the most influential song writer and musician of modern times? 

Check his lyrics, his poetry, his awards , his social commitment, his world tours, his list of friends . . . 

His covers go from Guns and Roses, to Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Mark Kpnofler, Pearl Jam, Kiko Veneno,  Adele, Jhonny Cash, Eric Clapton . . . . Pretenders, Patty Smith ....   Listen Rolling Stones magazine

Happy Birthday to a great leader and a social spokesman!!!

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