Apr 24, 2016

The Fanky, the ONE and Only Prince is gone!

PRINCE is gone!!!! 

It was last Thursday that PRINCE the musical icon died unexpectedly .  It was PRINCE , the Fanky, the ONE and Only!

We are not aware of how important and great some people in our everyday life are, until they dissapear for good!

Prince was a great musician, a great person and a great showman!

We are lucky we can still enjoy some of his work and music!!!

He was a pioneer ! A visionary!  He knew what was important and fought for it!

There are many legendary moments from the singer-songwriter's career worth watching and remembering in tribute after his passing. And one of them is NFL-related, with Prince absolutely tearing down the house at Super Bowl XLI in what may be the greatest halftime performance ever.

A more serious Prince can be watched in this 2013 insparing interview.

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